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Panjin crab Tianmi "bars and bars"

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Panjin crab Tianmi "bars and bars"

Date:2019-07-12 Author: Click:

Panjin crab Tianmi "bars and bars"

The Secret of Cooking Rice

1. If the rice is not very delicious, you can put a drop or two of cooking oil, so that the rice will taste better.

2. Steamed rice can be soaked for 1-2 hours in advance, and then deflated naturally.

3. Cooking rice with cold boiled rice will taste better.

Rice and river crab are two major specialties of Panjin, and the famous head is "bars" in Northeast Chinese. Rice cultivation in Panjin has a centuries-old tradition. More importantly, crab cultivation in rice has a long history. With such a long tradition, rice not only tastes good and tastes good, but also remains on the table of millions of households.

Panjin crab rice

This weekend, friends bought vegetables, brought fruit, came to Aunt Meng's house to eat a home-cooked meal. The protagonist of this old friend gathering also has a new friend, that is, crab field rice, which came thousands of miles away.

Crab field rice is produced in the southwestern end of Panjin, which uses ecological breeding technology to make rice and crab symbiotic. Rice provides shelter and support for crabs. Crabs are used to weed, kill insects and purify water quality for rice. Their excreta becomes organic fertilizer for rice. During the growing period of paddy fields, no pesticides were applied and pollution was avoided.

In addition, the rice production area of Jincrab field was once a place where well salt was traditionally produced. Because of the tradition of boiling well salt, the salinity of soil is high, and volcanic ash in soil is rich in organic matter, surface water is not easy to penetrate, crab rice can be fully nourished during the growth period. In addition, the local four seasons are distinct, the annual sunshine hours are sufficient, the rice growth period can reach 172-175 days, which ensures that the rice fully absorbs nutrients, and the grain is full and mature.

Furthermore, the whole process of rice production and processing in crab field has also realized ecological management. When storing rice in crab field, grain cooling system is adopted, and low temperature storage is realized with electronic cooling equipment, thus keeping the freshness of rice.

There are also local "spring to Pingchou fertile fields, golden autumn rice crab fertilizer" saying, this fertile field thousands of miles of beautiful scenery, condensed into teeth and cheeks fragrance, in ordinary people's homes, but also in the taste of ordinary life.

Flower Sampling of Rice

He Shouzhen: Vegetable Rice

Nowadays young people are busy commuting and sometimes they don't want to cook when they come back. I recommend such a simple way of cooking.

First of all, fry your prepared vegetables in oil for a while and then half-mature. Then wash the rice and put it in the rice cooker. At the same time, half-cooked dishes will be put into the electric cooker to cook together. In this way, meals can be cooked together, which is simple and time-saving.

Meng Juying: Milk porridge

Young people get up in a hurry in the morning, but they must remember to eat breakfast. Here I recommend a simple nutritious breakfast. Firstly, the rice is boiled half-cooked, rice soup is removed, milk is added, and porridge is cooked gently. In addition, you can choose to add some oats and eggs to the porridge. If you add a banana, breakfast will be more nutritious.

Pour rice with mushroom and rape lid

This ordinary home-cooked dish is also exquisite. First of all, when selecting rapeseed, we should choose small rapeseed. In addition, when making mushrooms, first pass through the water, but not fully cooked.

First stir-fry the rapeseed, then pour in the appropriate amount of oil, add a little salt and onion, then heat the oil and pour into the rapeseed. Stir-fry until about 67 is ripe. Stir-fry the mushrooms in the pan, add a little salt, chicken essence and soy sauce, and make the mushrooms taste and color. When the mushroom is about to ripen, stir-fry the rape in a pot for a few times, and then put it on a plate.

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