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Tell you the difference between green rice and other rice in Panjin crab field

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Tell you the difference between green rice and other rice in Panjin crab field

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Tell you the difference between green rice and other rice in Panjin crab field

1. Organic rice is strictly prohibited from using pesticides and chemical fertilizers

Organic rice refers to rice from the organic agricultural production system, which is produced and processed according to the requirements of organic agricultural production and corresponding standards, and is certified by legitimate and independent organic food institutions. According to the standards of organic agricultural production, in the process of production, we do not use organic chemical synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators and other substances, and do not use biological and their products obtained by genetic engineering technology, but follow the natural law and ecological principles, adopt a series of sustainable agricultural technology, coordinate planting and livestock. The relationship between animal husbandry promotes ecological balance, species diversity and sustainable use of resources.

The main differences between organic rice and other rice are as follows:

Organic rice is absolutely prohibited from using synthetic substances such as pesticides, fertilizers and hormones in the process of production and processing, and the use of genetic engineering technology is not allowed; green rice allows limited use of these substances, and does not prohibit the use of genetic engineering technology.

Organic rice is strictly regulated in the transformation of land production. Considering that some substances will remain in the environment for a considerable period of time, it takes two to three years for the land to transform from producing other foods to producing organic rice, while green rice has no requirement for the conversion period.

Organic rice is strictly controlled in quantity, requiring fixed plot and output, and there is no such strict requirement for the production of other rice.

According to international practice, the valid license period of organic food label certification is one year. After one year's expiration, it can apply for "guaranteed certification", and the organic food label can continue to be used only after passing inspection and verification.


 Panjin crab rice

2. Broadly speaking, green rice includes organic rice

The differences between green rice and organic rice are as follows:

Organic rice is a further improvement on the basis of green rice.

Green rice and organic rice pay attention to the management of production process, green rice focuses on the control of factors affecting product quality, organic rice focuses on the control of factors affecting environmental quality.

Generally speaking, green rice includes organic rice.

3. Compared with other rice, green rice has the following characteristics:

t is emphasized that the products come from good ecological environment, that is, the origin of the products has been monitored, and the soil, atmosphere and water quality of the products meet the requirements of "Environmental and Technical Conditions of Green Food Origin".

The whole process quality control of the products is carried out from land to table. The inputs in the production process conform to the criteria for the use of green rice-related means of production, and the production operation conforms to the requirements of the technical regulations for green rice production.

Unified labeling and management of products shall be carried out according to law. The period of valid permission for the certification of green food labels is three years. After the expiration of the three-year period, renewal can be applied, and green food labels can be continued only after the certification and examination.

Green rice is a kind of rice that meets higher demand and enhances market competitiveness. It strives to reach the quality level of common food in developed countries. Green rice is a new transitional product from ordinary rice to organic rice.

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