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Anjin is the first rice food in Panjin crab field

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Anjin is the first rice food in Panjin crab field

Date:2019-07-12 Author: Click:

Anjin is the first rice food in Panjin crab field

Zhu Yongji, general manager of Jilin Pukang Organic Agriculture Co., Ltd., said that in Europe, the organic food industry in Germany is the best. The proportion of organic food in the food industry is about 10%. The proportion of organic food in other European countries is also generally 2%~5%. The proportion of organic food in China is only 0.2%. The growth potential of the industry is huge.

Eat in peace first. In recent years, organic rice has won the favor of consumers because of its natural and pollution-free advantages. However, some illegal businessmen and rice processing enterprises, driven by windfall profits, fish in false and real, sub-optimal and muddy waters, thus disrupting market competition. Therefore, in order to maintain the normal development of the industry, standardize the certification system and strictly control the production link is imperative.



Jilin Pukang Organic Agriculture Co., Ltd. is a modern enterprise focusing on organic food. At present, it mainly deals in organic rice and pork. It is understood that Pukang organic rice has reached cooperation agreements with Wal-Mart, Carrefour and other large-scale supermarkets Panjin rice. In the Wal-Mart Supermarket of Chongqing Road, Changchun City, Jilin Province, the reporter saw Pukang organic rice on the shelf. The price of 5kg gift box is 89 yuan.

Liu Yanfeng is also distressed by the confusion of certification agencies in the organic rice market. He told reporters: "The organic rice produced by Dongfu rice industry has to undergo a three-year transformation period in soil. The cost of planting is about 7-8 yuan per kilogram, while ordinary rice can be sold at a price similar to that of organic rice only after packaging, which not only damages the real organic rice production enterprises. It also affects the credibility of the whole organic rice industry. Since March 1, 2012, China has implemented a new organic product certification regulation, namely the newly revised "Organic Product Certification Implementation Rules", in order to ensure that all certified products have been tested; all enterprises that have passed the organic certification will re-examine the certification and issue new organic labels one by one; and "National Organic Product Recognition" will be launched. Certificate Mark Record Management System to ensure traceability of organic products.

Liu Xiaoran, secretary-general of Jilin Provincial Food Economics Association, believes that the organic food certification agencies need to be integrated urgently, and at the same time, relevant departments need to strengthen the inspection and supervision of organic food. For organic rice, many enterprises without their own bases are planted by employing farmers. It is difficult for farmers to monitor the application of chemical fertilizers to organic rice in the process of production because of their pursuit of yield, which requires strict quality control through the re-inspection and supervision of organic rice.

New regulations to regulate the market

Organic food industry has unlimited potential, but the current chaotic industry order and certification system has cast a shadow on the development of the industry.

Jiliang Rice Co., Ltd. General Manager Li Zhihong told reporters that the price of organic rice is much higher than that of ordinary rice. However, the certification of organic food is chaotic. With a little money, ordinary rice can be labeled "organic food", which allows many people to fish in troubled waters and make huge profits.

With the introduction of the new national organic food certification rules, Liu Yanfeng and Zhu Yongji are still full of confidence in the future organic rice market.

Great Market Potential

Jilin is one of the high-quality rice producing areas in Northeast China. Many local rice enterprises have entered the organic rice industry and launched their own brand of organic rice.

Jilin Dongfu Rice Industry is an enterprise focusing on the production of organic rice. Whether it is the control of organic rice cultivation or market development, it has formed a certain scale. Talking about the original intention of entering the organic rice industry, General Manager Liu Yanfeng told reporters: "In addition to the promising prospects of the industry, standardized production of organic rice is also very beneficial to people's health." Relevant data show that organic rice has strict requirements on rice varieties, soil and water sources. Chemical fertilizers, pesticides and growth regulators are not used in the cultivation process, and special excellent rice milling machinery and equipment are used in the processing, so the organic rice produced is the real organic rice.

Strict Control of Planting Links

"For enterprises that really want to make a difference in the organic rice market, the first thing to do is to strictly control the cultivation of organic rice and provide the market with organic rice.

At the same time, enterprises should have a down-to-earth attitude to do business, not for the temporary benefit of the second best, self-destruction of the Great Wall. Liu laughed frankly.

How to get a piece of the future organic rice market, rice companies have expressed the same view, that is, strictly control rice production, down-to-earth do real organic rice, so that organic rice becomes a product of value for money, with brand appeal.

In the control of organic rice planting, Liu Yanfeng said that the current operation mode of Dongfu rice industry is the integration of village and enterprise. After land transfer, the whole village's land will be planted by Dongfu rice planting company. The whole process of organic rice planting and management will be monitored by the rice planting Research Institute under Dongfu rice industry.

"Organic agriculture, also known as moonlight agriculture, is not guaranteed that farmers will fertilize rice paddies at night to increase yields. In this regard, we have adopted a model that rice yield is not linked to the interests of farmers, so as to ensure the quality of organic rice. Zhu Yongji told reporters.

Reporters found that organic rice accounts for a small proportion in many rice business sectors. The current organic rice planting base of Dongfu rice industry, which focuses on the production of organic rice, is only 600 hectares, and some enterprises produce less than 10 tons of organic rice annually.

Many heads of rice enterprises who mainly produce ordinary rice told reporters that because of the small scale of organic rice production and the high cost of entering Shangchao for ordinary consumers, the main customers of organic rice produced by enterprises are unit group purchase.

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