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How to distinguish whether Panjin food rice is polished or not

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How to distinguish whether Panjin food rice is polished or not

Date:2019-07-12 Author: Click:

How to distinguish whether Panjin food rice is polished or not

How to distinguish between polishing and non-polishing of Panjin rice

I'd like to introduce some good Panjin rice to you. What kind of rice is good rice? How can we choose the authentic Panjin rice? Nutrition is very rich, is the daily staple food of many people. In fact, the key to healthy eating of rice is not how expensive it is, not functional rice, but the way it is eaten. Raw material selection of rough processing of rice is actually very good, but the way to eat is very exquisite, rice is seed food, let's first understand.

Rice is not the brighter the better. Overpolished rice may be mildewed rice, which can be removed by excessive polishing and then refilled.

Panjin Food Rice

How to distinguish whether Panjin rice is polished or not?

It looks uneven in color. A grain of rice is doped with translucent, white or even light yellow color of rice bran. The unpolished rice has a layer of white powder, which can easily be mistaken for mildewed rice. Polished rice looks uniform, translucent and beautiful. It's not particularly beautiful rice. It's high quality rice. Because there is a film rich in trace elements on the outside of rice, if polished excessively, it will be worn off, reducing the nutritional content of rice. Unpolished rice is more nutritious because it retains the powder of the film.

We can distinguish it by looking, smelling and touching: "If you insert your hand into the rice, take it out and observe it, there is a little white flour, the proof that it will blow off is new rice. Old rice or poor-quality adulterated rice can not be blown off lightly and rubbed with mud. New rice has natural fragrance, but old rice has no fragrance.

1. Taste

Taste the taste of rice. Take a few grains of rice and chew them carefully in your mouth. Normal rice is slightly sweet and odorless.

2. Look

Look at the color and appearance of rice. Normal rice is uniform in size, plump and smooth, glossy and normal in color, with few broken and yellow grains.

3. Wen

Smell the smell of rice. Take a small amount of rice in your hand, give it a hot breath, or rub it with your hand to heat it, and then smell it immediately. Normal rice has a delicate fragrance and no peculiar smell.

4. Check

The packing of rice bags must be marked with the date of production, the name of the product and the name of the manufacturer, etc. Among them, the date of production can identify new and old rice.

5. Grasp

Grab a handful of rice, let it go, and observe the sticking of rice bran powder in your hands. There are few qualified rice bran powder.

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